The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) has announced that leading sports and active nutrition company Weider Spain has joined its membership.

Weider Europe with offices in Germany and  Spain, a division of Weider Global Nutrition, is an industry pioneer,  well-known, and respected sports nutrition brand with a longstanding history of supporting consumers according to the “Weider principles” that include physique, goals, experience, strength, weaknesses, recovery capacity and nutrition. Endorsed by world-class sports professionals, and based on the pillars of hard work, trust, and quality, Weider is present on five continents with an extensive range of products for bodybuilding, fitness, endurance, health, and a healthy lifestyle.

Weider’s membership marks ESSNA’s continued expansion following the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and highlights a reinvigorated and increased interest from the industry in being associated with a well-established and influential trade body such as ESSNA – especially at a time when upcoming regulatory challenges linked to product labelling, composition and marketing are looming over the industry.

Adam Carey, Chair of ESSNA, said: 

“We are thrilled that such a widely known and respected organization like Weider has decided to join ESSNA. Our growing membership emphasizes the impact of our work and the rapidly growing interest from companies to uphold the highest possible standards and protect their consumers from potentially dangerous or illegal products. Engagement with policymakers under one industry banner has never been more important and ESSNA’s expansion underlines the fact that many brands recognize this. We look forward to further expanding our membership to aid the growth that our industry has seen, especially bouncing back after the pandemic, and we hope will continue to see, this over the coming years.”

Angel Rodríguez Alonso, Sales Director – Sports & Speciality Nutrition at Weider, commented:

“It is a great pleasure for Weider to join ESSNA. We are aligned with ESSNA values and objectives as quality, compliance and ethical practices are part of our DNA and heritage. We hope to be able to add value to the organization from our side and collaborate well with all the stakeholders. We believe that a larger group of members will have a more influential voice with the EU and UK regulatory bodies. We also see ESSNA as a very valuable resource for the company and our colleagues for advisory purposes.  


About ESSNA  

The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) is the leading European trade association for the sports and active nutrition industry. It brings together major manufacturers and distributors of sports nutrition products, suppliers of ingredients, national associations as well as specialist scientific and legal consultants advising the sector. With around 35 members from across Europe, ESSNA acts as a forum for discussion and a vehicle for action for the sports nutrition sector by working closely with legislators, regulators, and enforcement bodies to ensure that sports nutrition products are safe, effective, easily available, and transparent. ESSNA monitors the industry, reporting irresponsible companies that flout EU law and may put consumers at potential risk from dangerous products, and works to better educate the public on responsible and safe approaches to sports nutrition.  – We do so by working to improve consumer knowledge of sports nutrition products and the industry.

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