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On 24th August, ESSNA’s Vice Chair Terence O’Rorke gave a podcast interview to Vitafoods Insights and presented ESSNA’s “Sustainability pledge: Lifting the planet”, the sports and active nutrition industry’s initiative  aiming to accelerate the sector’s transition to sustainability.  

Terence spoke about the role sustainability plays in the sports and active nutrition industry, and the opportunities that lie ahead. Click here to hear more about: 

  • Steps that the sports nutrition industry is taking to reduce its environmental footprint. 
  • The potential for alternative proteins to support the health and sustainability needs of consumers. 
  • What the sustainability focus on diversity and inclusion means to serving female athletes. 
  • Considerations around responsible sourcing in a global market. 

Launched in May 2022, ESSNA’s Sustainability Pledge sets out ESSNA members’ commitments towards clean energy transition, circular packaging, efficient waste management, ethical and sustainable sourcing of ingredients, and improving animal welfare practices. 

You can find more information here.