In June, ESSNA spoke to Prinova Group’s Technical Sales Director, Tony Gay, about the company’s growing global profile and its latest innovations in sports nutrition.

ESSNA member Prinova is one of the world’s leading suppliers of functional ingredients, premix manufacturing and product development solutions for the food, beverage and nutrition industries.

Acquired in 2019 by Japanese firm, Nagase Group, Prinova’s annual turnover last year powered past the billion-dollar mark for the first time, reporting $1.1 billion in global sales, with the European market accounting for roughly $450 million.

When it comes to sports nutrition, Tony spotlighted Prinova’s drive to develop science-backed “branded ingredients”, including the company’s latest branded product, enduracarb®.

“enduracarb® is a disaccharide form of two double-bonded glucose molecules. These new glucose molecules are ingested without the enzyme, trehalase, which is presented in the intestine in small quantities. To actually digest carbohydrates, you need a large quantity of this enzyme.

“However, with enduracarb®, that’s not the case. So, as a result, the glucose is distributed in the body at a controlled rate, representing a really ideal, slow-release option for endurance athletes. This provides a key advantage over other carbohydrates due to this prolonged release in the intestine,” he explained.

Watch our full interview below to learn more about Prinova, enduracarb®, and its key benefits for athletes and consumers seeking to fuel their muscles during longer periods of exercise and more intense workouts.

For more information about Prinova Europe or its products, please contact [email protected].

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