ESSNA is delighted to announce that two additional companies, Nutrabolt and Cosmotrend, have recently joined the alliance as professional members to further strengthen the sports nutrition industry.

Nutrabolt is a leading sports nutrition company with a long-lasting history in providing products in pre-workout and intra/post workout recovery supplementation. Established in 2002 with headquarters in the United States and a presence in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, Nutrabolt products are distributed under the company’s marquee brands, Cellucor® and Xtend BCAAs®, in more than 100 countries, highlighting ESSNA’s continued diversity. As a member of ESSNA, Nutrabolt abides to the ESSNA Code of Practice that lays down clear standards and sets expectations to help contribute to a safer and more sustainable sports nutrition sector.

Being part of the Cosmo Group, which has adapted its operations to think more triple bottom line: people, planet, profit, Cosmotrend offers a complete turnkey solution including product concepts, formulation, cGMP Manufacturing, contract packaging and regulatory compliance support. With direct presence in the United Kingdom, Belgium, United States, Canada, Japan and indirect presence in all the EU countries, Cosmotrend has a deep-routed experience in providing qualitative services and products such as powder blends, energy gels, capsules, protein bars and sport supplements based on sport specific biomotor abilities.

Currently, ESSNA comprises 50 plus companies from across Europe and acts as a forum for discussion and a vehicle for action for the sports nutrition sector by working closely with legislators, regulators and enforcement bodies to make sure that the sports nutrition products are safe, effective, easily available and transparent. ESSNA also monitors the industry and reports irresponsible companies that flout EU law and may put consumers at potential risk from dangerous products and works to better educate the public on the correct uses of sports nutrition.

Dr Adam Carey, Chair of ESSNA, said:

“Nutrabolt and Cosmotrend represent a hugely welcome addition to the growing ESSNA family. Their impressive expertise in the sector and their global involvement will continue to feed the alliance with a new worldwide perspective.

All ESSNA members commit to its values to a continued dedication to creating a safe and healthy environment for sport nutrition industry. We look forward to working with Nutrabolt and Comsotrend and have no doubt that both teams will make full use of the value of joining our industry body.

Ben Smart, Nutrabolt Vice President, Global Quality & Regulatory Compliance, said:

“We are extremely excited to be joining ESSNA as professional members. As a highly respected representative of the sports nutrition industry, we believe ESSNA will be an invaluable partner as we grow our European business and continue to innovate, inspire, and make safe and effective products that maximize human potential, accessible to all.”

Petra Van Gucht, Cosmotrend Co-Fouder and Director, said:

“This is what I’ve been waiting for! Joining a European association, I’m proud to be a part of. ESSNA is a positive voice for all of us.”

About the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance

‘The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance is an alliance of European and North American sports nutrition companies that was formed in December 2003.

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