ESSNA is part of coalition of trade associations, including the Council for Responsible Nutrition UK, and the Proprietary Association of Great Britain.  All of these associations work actively with their members, regulatory authorities, policy-makers and the media to defend the reputation of the food supplements and functional food sectors across the UK and the continent. 

The majority of the sports nutrition industry, such as ESSNA’s members, take their responsibilities to consumers seriously and follow the letter and spirit of legislation. Unfortunately, however, some irresponsible companies do continue trying to sell products that lie to you and could potentially put your health at risk, and they do so primarily via the internet, which is notoriously difficult to police. These companies do this to gain a commercial advantage over the competition and ultimately make more money, relying on a lack of information and the public’s willingness to go to any lengths to improve their health and fitness. We are hunting down these companies and reporting them to the relevant authorities on a daily basis, but we always appreciate the extra help!

If you see any of these dodgy products – and our page here gives you some tips on how you can identify them – please report them to us either by filling out the form below, or getting in touch through our Facebook page.

We’ll then do our utmost to get these companies to either comply with the law, or failing that, get them shut down and their products removed from the market.

Please use the form below to submit details including: the product name; a web address; a description of the problem. Thank you.