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We are the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance – ESSNA, the European trade association for any company operating in the sports nutrition sector. Our membership covers the whole sports nutrition supply chain, from the suppliers of top quality ingredients right through to the brands that turn these ingredients into innovative products and the retailers that sell them.

Our members abide by our strict Code of Conduct which ensures that their products are compliant with the law. If a company is an ESSNA member and its products have the ESSNA kitemark on them, you are being made a promise by that company that its products follow the letter of the law that’s in place to protect you.

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We work with officials from the major EU bodies, the European Food Safety Agency –  which sets standards for sports nutrition across Europe – and different Governments across the EU to make sure that the safety of sports nutrition consumers is prioritised and that men and women across Europe can continue to access the sports nutrition that helps them live healthier lives.


ESSNA tackles over 400 potentially dangerous products

23 April, 2018

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ESSNA launches free 10-step guide to protein

4 December, 2017

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New campaign launched to educate public on sports nutrition

20 September, 2017

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